St. Francis de Sales Senior Secondary School is run by the sisters “Daughters of St. Francis de Sales”, a missionary congregation. The School follows the ICSE syllabus.

The Motto

Knowledge, Love, Service …. The primary focus of the academic edifice is knowledge, love and service. Striving earnestly towards this end, we endeavor to overcome incidental limitations and hurdles through hard work and dedication. We strive to cultivate a world vision where the entire humanity is viewed as a single family.

Our Vision

We endeavour to mould each student to an integral human personality, endowed with moral ,cultural , social and spiritual values for the promotion of a better world ,where love, service and fellowship prevail as shown by St. Francis De Sales and Fr.Carlo Cavina.

Our Mission

As a DSFS Educating Committee, we commit ourselves to :
• Provide a conducive atmosphere for quality ,academic and cultural education.
• Nurture a sense of the Divine
• Ensure integral, personal development.
• Promote Environmental Conscoiousness and Aesthetic sensitivity.
• Educate to appreciate, preserve and enhance our Nation’s culture and heritage.
• Inculcate religious tolerance anad universal brotherhood.

Aims and Objectives

• Carlo Cavina School exclusively stands for the highest standards and quality in the pursuit of knowledge and its actualization.
• It promotes academic excellence through curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
• It always strives for the all round development of the child’s personality.
• It tries to inculcate in every child a harmonious human relationship and create a sense of social belongingness.
• It designs their future aptitudes and promotes a way of life which would appreciate and love work in perfect freedom and cordiality.


It follows the ICSE syllabus from the Primary classes to Higher Secondary. To enable the students to learn better Smart Class Facility is provided to the students, which in turn would make it possible for the students to learn better, in tune with changing trends and knowledge explosion. The school aims at the moral, intellectual, social , psychological and physical development of deserving pupils irrespective of caste ,creed, color or religion. Extra Co-Curricular activities are Inter-Class Quiz, Recitation, Elocution, Story Telling, Spelling, Fancy Dress, Dance ,Yoga, Karate, Abacus, Art and Craft.


Admission to the school starts in the nursery classes . Application forms are issued in the month February and admissions are normally done in April. Admission to the higher classes are given based on an entrance test.